How to make the most of Journi?

You can connect with clients by filling their details when during the consultation. It will send them an email to invite them to sign up Journi. If they are already using Journi, just ask them to send you an invitation to your email.

Access their goals and journey to see how they progress. Use the mood chart in journey to see an overview of how they are doing.

Make comments on their goals and journals to show your support. Words of encouragement work like energy pills. They can give someone the strength they need to overcome their obstacles.

Journi encourages users to check-in their goal progress, even when there is no progress. When they mark a step as ‘incomplete’, Journi will give them options to ask for help or re-evaluate the importance of the goal. You will receive a notification of their help request if they think you might be able to help with the goal. Your response can make a huge difference!

As a service provider, you can suggest goals to your consumers, as long as they have given you access to their goals. It can be challenging for some to create a meaningful and actionable goal – That’s where you come in! You can help prevent people quitting at the very first hurdle by suggesting some steps they can take to start their journey. Once you create a goal, it’s up to the consumers to accept or decline the goal.

As a service provider, not only can you suggest goals to your clients, you can also add suggestions to their safety plan. You can co-create the safety plan together with your client during a consultation, or at a later stage when they are feeling more comfortable.

There are various ways for consumers to seek supports when they need it. They can use their emergency click-to-call list, safety plan or the contacts in their network. As a service provider, you can also suggest contacts that you think might be helpful to them from your contact list to their network or safety plan.

Use the notification settings to customise the way you receive their updates.

Use their network (if you have access) to see other people and services that are also involved in their wellness plan, and their relationship with them.

You can create printable copies of your consumer’s information by exporting part or all of their care plan to PDF.

For more information about using Journi, try to visit our FAQ.

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