How to make the most of Journi?

Examine your current situation and identify the areas where you want to see change, improvement, or growth. You are more likely to achieve your goals if you can see the positive impact they l are having on your life.

For each major goal, set an overall target and add smaller steps toward it.  Add a due date. By breaking down your goal into small steps, it turns your goal into a set of realistic actions, and it helps you and the other people in your life track your progress more easily.

Use the calendar to write down your steps and their due dates to fit within your schedule. If you check the ‘reminder’ box, Journi will send you notifications to remind you about your due dates.

When your due date comes around, track your progress. It doesn’t matter if you completed the step or not. Sometimes our plans change and that’s OK. If you mark a step as ‘incomplete’, Journi will give you options to ask for help or re-evaluate the importance of the goal.

Use the journal to write down your thoughts and record your moods. Use it frequently to connect with yourself and reflect on your journey.

Your safety plan reminds you what you can do to stay well and your coping strategies when things don’t go according to plan. It also gives people and services with access to your safety plan clear understanding of what to do and not do in different situations. 

Take some time to reflect on your life and write to your story. It will help you and your network understand the ups and downs you have been through, identify your strengths and remind you of the areas you are focusing on.

Add people and services you trust to your network to keep them updated on your goal progress and journey. You can give them full or partial access to your wellbeing plan – It’s up to you what information you share.

To change the access of someone in your network, simply go to network and edit their access. You can also control the access of each step of your goals and each journal.

For more information about using Journi, try to visit our FAQ.

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